Longstanding partner of German and international nuclear power plants.

1990company founded
1991Creation of a database based failure statistic in Cooperation with several German nuclear power plants
1992Start of development and qualification of reactor protection test programs
1993Design of specialized test systems for reactor protection
1994Start of development of an information system for nuclear power plants (later VGB information system)
1995Development of a device catalog for safety-relevant components of electrical and control technology
1999Development of a test equipment management
2000Takeover of the central administration office for the equipment qualification of the German nuclear power plants. Integration of all cross-plant evidence in the VGB information system
2001Project for strategic spare parts inventory for components to ensure the long-term repair of old devices
2002 Integration of repair shops in the VGB information system
2003 Integration and administration of KTA1401 assessments for manufacturers in the VGB information system. Development of a pressure test system for the nuclear field.
2004Inclusion of a workshop module for repair points in the VGB information system
2005Start of the business unit device qualification with the KTA RL qualification of pressure / differential pressure transmitters.
Internationalization towards Spain. Integration of an image database for whisker examinations.
2006Further development of reactor protection test programs
2007Expansion towards Argentina, Switzerland
2008Expansion of activities to South America, module for the management of software versions, inclusion of a resume of qualified components
2009Introduction of cross-group standard data
2010Inclusion of aging management in VGBIS, knowledge base, type classes
2011Introduction of the KID module
2012Strategic spare parts management, integration of material stocks. Expansion of aging management with diagnostic methods, references and measures. Introduction of a “market in the market” web application.
2013module runtime-dependent needs analysis.
2014takeover of central failure statistics
2015International market in the market application
2016Cable management module, taking over the supervision of the MPA4 test system
2017module for warehouse evaluation and workflow module
2018project for pooling material data
2019Takeover of the supervision of the plant-specific MESA project
2020Further internationalizationg
30th anniversary.

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