Information systems


In cooperation with German nuclear power plant operators, a modular information system was developed, which is geared towards the special requirements of nuclear facilities.

This system is currently used in many nuclear facilities under the name “VGB information system”. Note: VGB is the technical association of energy system operators (see for more information).

The main focus of the system is on safety-related electrical and control technology devices.

The device catalog forms the central basis for all other information that is linked to it in a device-specific manner.

This catalog contains all safety-relevant devices from the field of electrical and control technology of the systems currently involved as well as a large number of operational devices. The catalog can be expanded according to the requirements of individual systems.

The following additional modules are linked to the catalog:

  • Evidences of quality
    All available evidence of the individual devices, such as type, vibration or KMV tests, is directly linked to the catalog
  • Manufacturer / contractor list
    In this area, manufacturers and suppliers are listed who work specifically for the nuclear market. The corresponding suitability confirmations for quality assurance managed according to rule KTA 1401.
  • Failure statistics
    In this module, plant-specific usage and failure numbers of devices can be managed and corresponding calculations can be derived from them.
    As an extension to this module, systems can participate in central failure statistics, which can be used to gain experience from other systems.
  • Workshop area
    A network of repair shops specialized in the nuclear area is also integrated into the system. These offer customized solutions for the repair of qualified devices. For example, in the area of determining replacement components. One of our cooperation partners for this area is the competence center for electrical / I&C parts from EnBW Kernkraft GmbH (more details at
  • Material stocks
    This area provides the participating groups with comprehensive information about material stocks. Important aid for qualified devices that are no longer available.
  • Additional modules
    In addition to the standard modules mentioned above, a large number of system-specific additional modules are available.

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